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Who/Torchwood Ramblings

Just finished watching the Torchwood volume 3 dvd extras (courtesy of the wonderful indiefairy) and I can't help thinking how much stronger an episode Out of Time would have been if they had kept those deleted scenes in.

I can understand why they cut them. They weren't big moments - more character grace notes but they all worked so well - Gwen and Emma bonding over Christmas presents, John's despair at going from being an independent business man to not even being able to work out the correct change for a bus ride. I didn't much care for the episode when it aired as I found it rather dull and the Owen/Diane romance overblown and unrealistic. But I loved the little moments of them flirting while he was giving her a medical check up and as he taught her and her friends to use a mobile phone (that scene in particular was adorable and shouldn't have been cut).Hell I actually found myself liking Owen and Diane together in those brief scenes - and Burn Gorman was surprisingly cute playing a smitten Owen. I think my favourite moment was the virtually silent scene with a stricken Diane nervously smoking as she realised the enormity of her situation, despairing that she couldn't even work out how to use a modern toilet to flush her cigarette butt away and then pulling herself together and working it out - all in the space of about 45 seconds. It was such a wonderfully played strong moment. Out of Time would definitely have been a richer more emotionally nuanced episode if they'd left those scenes as they were.

Rest of the extras were nothing to get excited about and Barrowman's video diary seemed to mostly consist of him and the rest of the cast doing silly voices (although JB singing is always a plus) but I did like seeing how they transformed the run down nightclub into the dance hall.

Found the Doctor Who Weakest Link a bit of a disappointment. The problem with a show where you have to eliminate someone each round is that it's only really fun when all the people up there are back stabbing gits who are trying to tactically vote their way to the final. The Doctor Who team just seem too nice for that so it seemed a bit of a subdued exercise. They all seemed so incredibly nervous! Although Tennant looked gorgeous (although painfully thin - man needs to eat more). Disappointed to see my favourites not last until the end. I confess something as silly as Camille and Noel voting David off actually made me momentarily dislike both actors. David was clearly the stronger player so it definitely looked as if Noel voted him off because he wanted to be in the final - which wasn't quite in the spirit of things.

Adore the new full length Doctor Who trailer. I read that they've actually hired out external PR people this year to promote Who and it shows. The "Family of Blood" line completely freaks me out.

Barrowman's interview on Charlotte Church was a tad pointless - she didn't actually ask him anything about Doctor Who, Torchwood or Any Dream Will Do and he just repeated an anecdote which was far funnier when he told it the first time on Jonathan Ross. Still I will admit that however writes Church's material is pretty good - the opening monologue was quite funny.

Finally managed to buy my Jensen photoshoot for the Asylum convention. It was very silly them going on sale at 8:45 at night when they had been about 60 people camped on that forum all day waiting for them to go on sale - I mean geez some people actually took the day off to wait for them. I just sat at work all day refreshing the webpage every bloody 20 minutes to see if it had been updated - another day like that I'll get fired!

And on a totally non Who/Torchwood related note if you're not already watching/downloading The Riches you should definitely give it a go. I confess that Minnie Driver is just one of those actresses who irritates the hell out of me every time I see her face (I always end up fast-fowarding her scenes in Gross Pointe Blank) but Eddie Izzard is absolutely brilliant in his first real straight dramatic role. He's just amazing in it and I hope he ends up getting a lot more work because of it.


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Mar. 31st, 2007 03:25 pm (UTC)
but Eddie Izzard is absolutely brilliant in his first real straight dramatic role. He's just amazing in it and I hope he ends up getting a lot more work because of it.

Omg, I absolutely agree. Eddie Izzard is *fantastic* in this series. I totally watch it mainly just for him and I love it.
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